What We Do

Students at home

In the Home, the blind and visually impaired are trained how to read and write in Braille, doing household chores, learn daily living skills, Orientation and Mobility wherein it allows them to move around in the community independently. This is in preparation for their life in the society at large.

At present, more than fifty blind/visually impaired individuals have directly benefited. Some are now attending the Public Schools in Taguig City. One is successful in University and another one is entering. At the Home we are not only training the vision impaired with knowledge and skills in Braille but we also provide livelihood trainings for adult vision impaired through the “Economic Empowerment Training Through Massage Training.”

Now that we are experiencing the effect of Corona Pandemic, we at the home are holding two Projects:

1. The School at the Future Vision Home project where the blind students are housed at the home and,

2. The Teaching at their home project, where a teacher goes to the house of the student.

Of course we keep all Covid-19 safety regulations in place.