Quarterly News Letter 4 - 2022

Visionful Greetings!

As always God never fails. We are now again here sharing with you the last quarter of our 2022 at Future Vision Home. We will not be able to reach up to this time without your prayers and support to us. Whether small or big, it does not matter because when they are put together it turn out to be amazingly great!


This quarter shows our return and a new beginning of a fresh dedicated new year.
Our partners: Persons with Different Abilities (PWDA) of Bambang had great fun and many learning activities for children with disability.

Our visionistas take a full part in this activity. The activity is held in an elementary school where our visionistas themselves are enrolled.

Oct. 24, 2022, With our Sponsor Representative

Oct. 24, 2022, With our Sponsor Representative

We were with our sponsor representatives

Nel and Mel Sarmiento. They had a special vacation in the Philippines. They brought with them from Greece the love of “ETERNUM FIDELIS GUARDIAN BROTHERHOOD, INC (EFGBI) GREECE CHAPTER”. They did this by giving us sack of rice and other food items.

Nov 3, 2022

It was our World Sight Day Celebration at JHONSON and JHONSON and we had MOBILITY ORIENTATION

The Visionistas had a trip to the company to give orientation and mobility awareness for the employees there. The employees joined in the practice of mobility training and use the same kind of cane that visually impaired and blind people as well as being helped by a sighted guide.

As their great gift to us they provided us with twenty white canes which we shared to our members.

It’s the first time for Jhonson & Jhonson to celebrate World Sight Day with blind people themselves and they felt how it is to have no sight. It helps them understand and appreciate their own sight as well.

Bead Works Part 2

Weeks later we joined the exhibition showcasing our scented candles that are made from bees wax and have scent from fresh plants and flowers found in the backyard. These scented candles and the essential oil is freshly extracted naturally.

9 December 2022 Visionistas at Museo Pambata

The visionistas with other children of Save the Children went for an activity at the Museo Pambata. Most of them went to this place for the first time. The children enjoyed the playground. Climbing on monkey bars, sliding, and etc. Judith took them around and let them experience everything through touch.

The most important thing of all is that they are also introduced to the Rights of Children and how important it is.

Save the Children also has an Application for Android Phone called I-Tuklas. Selected Visionistas are asked to try the app for its accessibility. Truly we must say that

Save the Children also never stop giving and are generous in helping find solution to any on-going problems in accessibility to information.

Accessibility with Visual

Before everybody goes home for vacation, KENETIX.PH surprised Future Vision Home with a program and gifted us with a wonderful Desktop Computer. As our thanksgiving to them, the visionistas entertain KENETIX.PH with grateful singing dancing and acting. Isn’t that wonderful! Everybody happy.

The Return

On May 25, 2022, Josephine Esperanza Malan who is known as Tita Jo to every visionista, came home from her travels to India. She went to kanthari, to an organization that hones and prepares a changemaker.

She hopes to spread the seed that Future Vision Home is in her heart at her hometown and wants to start another branch herself. She wants to call it Future Vision Iloilo.

She returned on December 20, 2022, with the fire in her belly full of spice she returned full of energy and is ready to spread the spice of Future Vision in Iloilo.


As always, we would like to say thanks to the following for the great support. As you can see without all of you being with us, we will not reach to where we are now, and we cannot
impact the lives of our fellows. Thank you very much!

      • Ms. Maria Griesbacher
      • Brother Geoff Smith
      • Mr. Rommel and Mrs. Nelia Sarmiento
      • Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School
      • Persons with Different Abilities (PWDA) of Bambang

We are truly blessed to have all of you with us!

Our Plans, Dreams and Needs!

There is no turning back for us. We are always moving forward. Reach out more dear FRIENDS to give them a good future vision. A vision of their future not only in Taguig City but also in other areas of the Philippines like Iloilo City in Western Visayas.

Our plan is to carry on and continue creating a very impactful Future Vision.

We would like to reach more blind and low vision young people in our community. We are hoping to become partners with the Local City Government of Taguig to reach more blind and low vision children/youth in our city.


We are increasing in number and every day we need an amount of 4,000 for 15-20 individuals for our daily operation

  • this include food and other expenses.
  • We are also in need of more fund to reach out to blind and partially sighted here in our community and to do other projects and activities.
  • Expansion fund is also needed.

We ask for your help:

  • This is the opportunity for you to be part of our work.
  • Contribute to our cause. Let us together create vision and positively impact change in the lives of our sightless brothers and sisters.

We encourage everyone to be part of our cause in any way possible. Please see the details below.

For donations/contributions, please click this link: https://secure.givinghero.app/future-vision

For other online transactions, you may send through our GCASH, Paymaya and PayPal Accounts:

    • GCash Account:        09423769646
    • Paymaya Account:   09369253124
    • PayPal Account:       09423769646

For bank transfers, you can send to the following accounts:

          • Name of bank: Metrobank
          • Branch: Taguig Puregold Branch
          • Account name: FUTURE VISION SIGHTED-BLIND INC
          • Account number: 381-3-38158824-7
          • Address of bank: Metrobank Taguig Commercial Units 7 – 10 Puregold
          • Taguig Gen. A. Luna corner Col. P. Cruz St., Tuktukan, Taguig City
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6435023


Dedicated Bank Account:

          • Name of bank: Banco De Oro(BDO)
          • Branch: Levi Mariano Branch
          • Account name: Lorena J. Acula
          • Account number, 008070019536
          • Address of bank: BDO 160 Levi Mariano Avenue
          • Barangay Usuzan, Taguig City
          • 1637 Philippines
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6407862


For more information, please contact us at:
Tel. No. (+632) 8-567-8123
Mobile:  0942-376-9646 / 0906-267-3714

Or visit


Again, thank you for being with us and for being our partner in creating vision, thus impact change in the lives of our blind brothers and Sisters.

Requesting you all to please share this newsletter to your circle of friends and perhaps to companies whose mission is to help support our cause.

God bless us all!