Greetings of joy, peace and prosperity from all of us here at the Home of the Future!!

It is indeed wonderful to have you with us in the whole of year 2021. And our last quarter is not the least of course when it comes to happenings, blessings and

In the last quarter we started going around despite of the threat of Covid 19 of course with our Baraks &Beauty-our customized tricycle. We also have celebrations because we have graduations, birthdays and of course our year end celebration celebrating Christmas together with all visionistas and their parents/guardians as well as with friends.

Please be with me as I take you to what happen with us in the last leg of the year 2021.

Thank you.

Celebrations in October

Success in Education!

Marife C. Flores graduated associate in Automotive Engineering before she got blind because of Glaucoma. She joined Future Vision in 2019 in our Economic Empowerment through Massage Training and after that despite of hesitations, enrolled in Taguig City University Education Extension Services (EES) to take units in Education and finally graduated. This coming year she is to enroll to take her Masters in Special Education. Currently she is our Specialist Teacher here at School at Future Vision Home Project and is at the same time training in writing under the supervision of the Founder.

With her, 3 other visionistas have their own success in their respective levels this year.


Thanks for the gift of Life!

EDL’s, Jessica’s and the twins’ birthday Celebration this October. We thank God for the gift of life for our three visionistas and to the New-found friend of Future Vision Home none other than Señorita Edna of Cebuana Lhuillier.

Seniorita Edna instead of lavishing herself of wonderful and nice gifts on her special day, she opted to give gifts to others in need. In October 7, Ms. Kristine, Ms. Marj and Sir Ren hosted an online program with us via MS TEAMS. We are here at Future Vision Home while the three representatives of Seniorita Edna is on the other end. There are small games prepared for us and we enjoyed it. We send our greetings to Seniorita and sang a song specially for her. In this program, Seniorita Edna’s representatives presented to us her cash gifts which we use to buy things necessary in the Home.

Jessica known as Jeck in our home celebrated also her 18th birthday with her mother as sponsor for the food and the visionistas for the pakulo. On the other hand, twin’s birthday is celebrated simply in the Home with Special ice-cream which is their favorite.

Home Visitation

To start with is to identify beneficiaries who will be part of both the School at Future Vision Home and the Teaching at Home Project. Identifying beneficiaries is a bit easy but to convince them is challenging because of the many reasons available especially the situation that we are all in right now. Covid hinders most of the activities. Parents are interested but because of Covid they would rather let the child stay at home.

But despite of the condition we have made home visitations. October 9, 2021 when we first go out to visit Christian Louis Salino. Our Customized tricycle take us to Barangay Palingon. With us are Teacher Judith, Tita Jo and the Founder. There we met Christian. I saw his excitement to see his teachers. Just like before, he is never lost of words to tell stories. He expressed that he missed to go to school and to be with his classmates and to talk to his teachers. He even told us that he really

wanted this pandemic to end for him to go back to school. He missed those times of being with his classmates together. His father immediately sign the enrolment form and he also agreed to bring Christian twice a week to the Home to received instructions together with other visionistas and for Christian also to be able to attend his online classes with the assistance of a specialist Teacher.

We also visited another visionista at South Daang Hari, Taguig City who became part of Future Vision Home.

The child is Elisha Vhin C. Cabiltes. She was born blind and the first of two daughters of Alvin and Engelyn. It was in October 23 when we finally met her. WE parked at the road side and the mother met us there and we speak inside our tricycle for there was no space in their house aside from that our tricycle cannot go near their house because the alley is very narrow.

Elisha seldom speaks. When she does, she only repeats the last word she hears. Parents decided to come to the home with Elisha two times a weekend they also enrolled Elisha in the Special Education Program of Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School. Parents are very thankful and happy to know that Elisha can now have the opportunity to learn and experience new things.


Our visionistas have the thirst in joining Sports Events because since there is Pandemic all the sports activities are cancelled. Therefore, there is no opportunity for them to play. That is why when there was invitation for an online chess tournament, two of our visionistas JM and Aldrian did not hesitate to join.

Our Home became their playing venue and side by side Tita Jo assisting then both.


Butil ng Pag-asa (Grain of Hope) visited our humble Home and gave us 5 sacks of rice-equivalent to five months’ supply. Not only that our request was granted. Sir limuel bestowed as Organ.


Our visionistas are very thankful and happy as they pack the rice that is actually for them Thanks to you Sir limuel and all the people and organization who is with you in reaching out to people like us.

Rest-assured that this Grain of Hope will continue to grow and bear fruit in our hearts. We will continue to sing the song you have gifted to us as well. And we also pray that you and your friends can be our partner too in this endeavour.

Future Vision Home Christmas Program

On December 21,2021 we had simple celebration of Christmas. Two months prior to this day, visionistas are grouped into three each composed of four members. They prepared their own presentations and their entry for the song writing contest. Programs is prepared by JM and Fe and together with Ellen, they lead the program. Everybody enjoyed, they had giving gifts. Mommy Mirasol-mother of Jeck as well as Daddy Mike gave some cash for prizes and Daddy Mike distributed Jessa’s gift for all the visionistas.


But before the visionistas disperse for a year-end break, in the evening of that same day, a small Evaluation/planning activity is done. They talked about the successes and the challenges experienced in the whole of 2021. Each of them is given opportunity to share the most unforgettable experience they have. They identified the different materials needed at the Home. Different activities for the year 2022 are suggested and they shared also their dreams for Future Vision Home for the next five years.

Sharing with you the summary:

The things that they liked most this year 2021 is the “The Visionistas Bead Works Training” wherein they made different stuff made of beads and their trainer is Marife one of the visionistas herself. Some of them did not imagine that they can learn such things.

This year is full of successes both individual and as a group. Individually aside from graduations and etc., they considered as the most successful thing this year is that one of the Visionistas by the name of Eshell Rose became part of the National Goal Ball Team. Soon she can compete with her team in an international event. Isn’t that wonderful! Of course, we will all follow to become international too.

Well, no one will disagree that one of the most challenging is Covid-19 and its effect to Future Vision Home. But good thing despite of Covid-19 we still continue and the biggest problem we experience is the lack of funding and its effect is that we do not have paid staff to do some of the complicated jobs for the Home.

Even with Pandemic we are able to have lots of meaningful activities. Activities that everyone enjoyed and learn something from. For the coming year 2022, they are excited to have an Outdoor Fun and Learning Activity which we planned this year but did not happen because of pandemic and no resources. They wished it could happen next year 2022. Aside from that there are a number of activities they wished like learning to play instruments such as piano and drums; Visit parks and experience to visit an amusement park; they also wish someone would tutor them with mathematics; and etc.

In their discussion also they identified that we really need financial support. They also talked about it and the following are strategies to have additional income for Future Vision Home:

  • promote our Bead works in social media’s.
  • Start clinic operation
  • promote the Hardinña mansion-our Plant House
  • Money remittance from friends of Future Vision Home
  • Online concert with the visionistas
  • Song composition as entry to Himig Handog
  • Pastillas makin

The things/materials/equipment visionistas want to have at Future Vision Home are the following:

They are dreaming BIG

  • Future Vision Home Building
  • Ban/ Mini bus fore outdoor activity
  • Additional Computers w/ Projector
  • School supplies and other materials such as slate/stylus, writing guide, abacus
  • brailler
  • shoe rack
  • Extendable table with chairs for many purposes
  • kanya kanyang bed-individual Bed
  • Airconditioning unit to be used in Learning areas of the Home
  • water dispenser
  • malaking ref
  • emergency light.
  • CCTV Cameras
  • musical instruments -drums set
  • Recording studio/sound system

Perhaps you would like to grant one of their wishes!

Lastly, the visionistas envision Future Vision to have her own House and Lot with Building with different facilities so they can do all the activities including sports activity. They also see Future Vision Home not only in Taguig City but in other provinces as well. And of course, they mentioned that by that time Future Vision Home already has paid staff to do the work because visionistas/beneficiaries/students are also many and a lot has to be done.


As always we would like to express how thankful we are for the support the following organization and individuals have given to our project. Without all of you given to us by God, we cannot go even just a step forward.


  • Kanthari Foundation Switzerland
  • Señorita Edna D. Lhuillier
  • Catherine B. Jones-Donated 1 Unit of Desktop Computer
  • Daddy Michael Olaso
  • Mirasol Trinidad- Parents/Guardians of Visionistas
  • Limuel H. Vilela Butil ng Pag-asa and company-Organ and 5 sack Rice
  • Wil Sabado
  • Jing/Grace Montoya-Sister from St. Germaine Family
  • Andrea friend of Sis Jhing/Grace
  • Marife R. Castillo-Principal-Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School for your support to our students taking PEPT

The following are our friends who shared through the Giving Hero Birthday Fund Raiser of Ms.

Kristine Teves in November 2021:

Thanks for your love to Ms. Kristine and it has been extended to us at Future Vision Home!

  • Runnesa Soriao
  • Paola Jane Razon
  • John Mark Limel Papag
  • Kristine Teves

Our Plans, Dreams and Needs!

Just like the plants in our Hardinna Mansion, Future Vision Home is growing. Visionistas/students increase in numbers, meaning our Future Vision family is getting bigger. There are different activities that requires a bigger space yet our place is getting smaller for all of us. It is our dream to have a House and Lot with a front yard and backyard at the same time with parking space for the service vehicles of Future Vision Home. A space that can accommodate all the visionistas/students including some of its volunteers and that can also have enough space to facilitate all our indoor and outdoor activities at the same time safely park our service vehicles.

At Future Vision Home we never want to stop where we are. We want to keep moving and move to branch out to continue reaching more blind children/youth in other areas. We would like to start with the province where our Founder spent most of her childhood. It is in Quezon Province.

But of course, to do this, we would need a lot of resources and partners. And we are battling with resources even this time. We could hardly continue if not with the support of kanthari Foundation Switzerland and support from friends and visionistas’ relatives/guardians and the compensation the Founder receives as a school teacher, we would have stopped our operation. We could hardly or we even cannot hire paid staff to help do some of the important works.

For anyone of you who are willing yet looking for someone or group to support, please do talk to us so you would learn more of us.




For your donation/contribution, please click the link below.

You can also send through GCASH Account and PayMaya Account

Gcash Account:: 09369253124

PAYMAYA Account: 09369253124

Or make a transfer to the following bank accounts:

Bank Name: Metrobank

Branch: Taguig Puregold Branch


Account Number: 381-3-38158824-7


Bank Address: Metrobank Taguig Commercial Units 7 – 10 Puregold Taguig Gen. A. Luna corner Col. P. Cruz St., Tuktukan, Taguig City

Telephone Number of Bank: +632-6435023

Dedicated Bank Account:

Bank Name: Banco De Oro(BDO)

Branch: Levi Mariano Branch

Account Name: Lorena J. Acula

Account Number, 008070019536


Bank Address: BDO 160 Levi Mariano Avenue, Barangay Usuzan, Taguig City 1637 Philippines

Telephone number of Bank: +632-6407862

For more information, please contact us

Tel. No. (+632) 8-567-81-23

Mobile: 0906-267-3714

Or visit

Once again thank you for being with us in the whole of 2021-our 7th year. Indeed, you have helped us stepped forward and reached where we are now. Continue to join us as we again have another journey of this year’s both challenges and success. With all of you we can do more in creating VISION to our sightless brothers and sisters not only here in our city but in other areas in our country thus impact CHANGE !

Requesting you to please share this Newsletter to your friends who might be our partner in our work.

God bless and have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead!



Together we create VISION!