Quarterly News Letter 2 - 2023

Visionful Greetings!

Welcome to our third quarterly newsletter. 

In this quarter there are a lot of celebrations. In July the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) is celebrated for a week. The Taguig City Federation of Persons with Disability also had an activity, and we are proud that the visionistas participated in their activity by rendering a doxology song and leading the singing of National Anthem. In August we are celebrating the White Cane Safety Day. We celebrated it with dancing and sports at the same time enhancing our skills in using technology. The Persons with Different Abilities (PWDA) of Bambang where Future Vision is a member celebrated its 8th year anniversary. We can say that PWDA of Bambang is a part of our Future Vision Family. Teachers’ Month is also celebrated, and we participated in the celebration by rendering free massage service to our dear teachers from two different Schools in our City.

We also had a chance to do an awareness campaign. The outreach program of the ALS Department of Taguig Integrated School held, and we used it as opportunity to give awareness to the audience about how to assist a person with blindness. Visitors also came to our Home and shared time with us. The Future Vision also goes down the community to visit members with visual impairment from two Barangays-The Central Bicutan and Central Signal. The first is coordinated by one of its dedicated Kagawad Mr. Renor Villarino together with its PWD Officers and the latter, facilitated by its BAPDTC Officers headed by Ms. Evelyn Arrellano and Future Vision stablished partnership with its Captain Honorable Jun-Jun Duenas

In this quarter also in different occasions, we joined meetings, seminars, workshop that empower our members special the adults. Children member also have their own schedule of meetings with Save the Children Philippines.

Below are the details of our stories.



Aug 11-12, 2023


Future Vision Sighted-Blind, Inc Celebrates White Cane Safety Day for 2 days, Aug 11-12, 2023.

On Aug 11, 2023, we had an activity “Adaptive Dance for the Blind” for which their prowess in dancing and ability to follow instructions every dance step through their hearing was put to challenge. It was not an easy tasked for our trainer adapting a method to teach them. With patience and perseverance, some of the Visually Impaired of Taguig City together with their parents/guardian were able to complete the Swing Dance. Their realization that they can also do it, as long as they are determined to learn.

Aug 12, 2023, “Sports for the Blind.” We conducted three sports that the Visually Impaired can play. GOALBALL, ATHLETICS, and CHESS. Our activity was graced by Ms. Marife R. Castillo, principal of Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School wherein she emphasized on her message the immense help that Save the Children is always extending, their full support to Eusebio’s Activity for our Learners (Children with Disability). Also, the activities of Future Vision headed by our SPED Teachers with Visual Impairment, Lorena J. Acula also the founder of Future Vision Sighted-Blind, Inc. Mr. Helario B. Supas, Head of Persons Disability Affairs Office, talked about Bullying, and the stand of the City Government of Taguig and as well the ordinance about Anti Bullying which is about to be passed.

Eshell Rose Duyan (Low Vision) our Visionista, Member of Goalball Philippine Team who recently joined in the 12th ASIAN Paralympics in Cambodia last May 29, to June 9, 2023, introduced to some of our hopeful visually impaired how to play Goalball. The simple rules, strategies, and techniques. Eshell was able to catch the interest of the participants and easily learned the basics of Goalball.

Aldrian S. Hulgado (Low Vision) our visionista, instructed the children ages 9 to 15 Athletics, especially Standing Long Jump, and Running. Athletics for the blind is quite different from sighted individual, there are some rules they had to follow and for totally blind they need a guide. After the session, the children enjoyed so much that we cannot stopped them running around the area.

Josephine L. Malan, introduced “Chess for the Blind.” We prepared two sets of modified chess board that they can used. The board was elevated, the green or brown and with a hole size of a nail. The chess men were nailed on the bottom and the head was cut off for an effortless way for the player to put it on the board with holes. The black chess men had a push pin/thumb tacks put on top for identification. The rules were the same on how the sighted play. The only difference is that the blind players announced their moves.

The 2 days activities were phenomenally successful because of the support of Save the Children, active participation of the parents as well as the guardians of persons with visual impairment. The Barangay Associations of Persons with Disability also assisted us in the facilitation of the attendance of their members with visual disability. And of course, not to mention the determination of the Visionistas who are already empowered and headed the two activities.

Computer Enhancement Program

August 14-18, 2023

One of the most important blind skills that Visionistas should learn is to know how to use the computer. Because it really helps us a lot in our studies. Specially nowadays that technology is continuously evolving and more useful to us if we just use it right and for educational purposes. So, here at Future Vision Home, it is part of the program/activity for us to develop our computer skills. August 14-18, 2023, was our Computer Enhancement Training Program. It was held at Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School. Through the help and support of Save the Children Philippines and was funded by the European Union this activity is made possible.  That 5 days of training indeed enhanced our computer skills. The first day was started by a simple program. Through introducing the participants with their expectations in the training, introducing of the trainer and her objective for the training. And messages from the head of SPED and from the representative of Save the Children Philippines Mr. Jude Nelson Apolonio.

After, lunch we started the training proper. We started from MS word, followed with MS Excel, then last was the MS Power Point. After each lesson we have an activity for us to apply what we learn from the lesson. then on our last day we have our final activity that we did, applying all what we learn from the whole training. But unfortunately, we did not finish and left power point because of lack of time. On our last day we have our simple closing program. To recognize all the participants as well as the trainer, for her time allotted for the training. We invited the vice president of the Philippine Blind Union PBU Mr. Victor Rescober, together with the guest speaker named Capt. Jerome Jacoba a totally blind soldier who became blind after the encounter to the NPA at Mindanao last 2016. He shares to us what life he has after that incident. How he became strong, stand again, and face the changes of his life that was associated with his disability.

Just like us he learns to accept the new life that he has right now despite the disability that he has. He learns also to appreciate all the things that he still has, and what he can still do, and most importantly to look life in a positive way despite of bad circumstances happening in our life.

INVITATIONS: Outreach Program by ALS

July 8, 2023

July 8, 2023, when the Alternative Learning System ALS of Stand Alone with in Taguig Integrated school, have an Outreach program and they Choose Future vision Home but because we have limited space at home, we are the one who went to their school. They prepare a simple program for us. And part of their program that we need to introduce the Future vision Home what are the goals of this organization then we share to them the different things that we’ve been doing for the past 9 years of existence including the different achievements that each Visionistas have in the different field. that despite of impairment that we have we are still here pursuing for our dreams even though there’s a lot of difficulties that we encounter in life. We share them also how we are able to live normally just like other people. We let them also experience how to use the white cane and how useful it is to us visually impaired. We share them also what are the different appropriate approach for us if they are going to offer a help if they encounter a visually impaired people out there. Then, lastly, they give the food for lunch they prepared for us including the food packs. Then, it was ended with a thank you message by their advisers.

Teachers’ Day!

Teachers are very important to our lives, without the teachers to accept us in school we will not be able to be in different schools today!

Community Service @ Bagumbayan National High School and Ma. Asuncion Tinga National High School.

September 15, 2023

The Future Vision Home conducts yearly community service through massage. it just stopped during pandemic.

This activity is done to payback all the teachers for their hard work they do for all the learners, and at the same time to promote the Visionistas massage clinic.

This year in celebrations of the Teachers Day! 10 of our Visionistas went to Bagumbayan National High School Last September 15, 2023. To give all the teachers there a relaxing day, from 9am to 1pm. 59 of their teachers enjoy the massage that’s why they asked to have another community service this coming December. The teachers and the principal are very thankful that they experienced that relaxing day.

Ma. Asuncion Tinga National High School of Central Bicutan also requested for us to conduct a massage service in their school for their teachers. September 29, 2023, only 5 Visionistas went they’re because the other are not available for some reason, but We still relieve 53 teachers from their stressed and give them  a relaxing celebration. It feels good to see teachers enjoy and relieve from their pains.

Visitors Also Graced Our Home

Visionistas Encounter with Dr. Elaine

Dr. Elaine from New York City came together with her Team and Care Channels Inc. We had fun and learning at the same time. The activity started with Praise and Worship the visionistas lead and facilitated the first part of the activity. It was followed by a message from Dr. Elaine Here we learned about how she got blind and got inspired of her. She and her team facilitated different activities specific for 12 years old below and for the youth.

KGS Philippines also visited us and demonstrated their 40-cell braille display. Our visionistas loved the product and wished in their heart to have one like that too to help them read braille and access books stored in the device.

Future Vision Goes Down the Community to Visit

August 21-26, 2023

Before the start of the opening of classes, we started the home visitation to reach out those visually impaired youth, in the different barangays here in Taguig. In order for them to give the needed Intervention as early as possible. We started at barangay Central Signal last August 21, 2023.  There we, met a totally blind 12-year-old girl. She already graduated grade 6 and wants to continue her study but her parents didn’t know where to enroll her. So, she just at home. It’s a perfect timing that we visit her. Because we, give them awareness that blind nowadays are not just at home and doing nothing, since we already have inclusive education person with disability can be in a regular classroom setting together with the regular student.

Our next target barangay was Central Bicutan and last August 26, 2023, we visited the said barangay. We, the Future Vision Home are very thankful because one of the barangay councilor Hon. John Renor villarino response right away to our request and accommodated us. He asked assistance from the person with disability officers, together with the other staff from the barangay. Because of the service that Sir John Villarino provided for us we are able to visit and meet all the minors visually impaired from our list except those who are not at home. Through the help of the PWD officer headed by the President Mr. Jonathan and all his co-officer together with some staff from the barangay who join us to look for the houses of all the minors. We can easily locate each of the target houses.

The first one that we met was James Villamar a low vision 12 years old grade 6 student from Upper Bicutan Elementary School.  Just like us he also encountered some difficulty in his studies because of his impairment but unlike us he’s lucky enough because he still had a vision and continue pursuing his dreams in life.

We are thankful also to all the parents for giving us the time to interview them together with their children despite of their busy weekend. While we are on our way to another house all of a sudden, the rain fell so, the barangay staff decided to ask the parents to just come, and the interview will be done inside our service. Were glad that they are willing to come and talk to us. One of the parents that we talk with was the mother of Raffa Moner a totally blind 6 years old boy and at the age of 6 he is not yet enrolled in school and based on his mother he is not talking also so , we suggest that he should undergo an assessment for them to know aside from being blind what is his condition for us also to know what intervention we should give to help him.

It’s a great experience that we visit all of them and know some part of their life story. And we are happy to know that just like us some of them are studying and continue pursuing their dreams despite the difficulties that they have been facing because of the impairment that they have. they are willing also to join us in different activities that Future Vision have specially in sports that some of them know how to play chess and goal ball that they are interested to learn goal ball which is one of the main sports of visually impaired people.

We exactly finish the visitation at exactly 12 noon and the officers invited us to have lunch at nearby food house because according to them Sir John Villarino sponsored us for our lunch. We are very thankful for his generosity, the help and support that we get and for accommodating us is too much enough. After, our lunch they decided to drop us at Hagonoy for us to easily get home.

Once again on behalf of Future Vision Sighted-Blind Inc. we would like to thank Barangay Central Bicutan through hon. John Renor Villarino, together with some of the staff of the barangay, and all the officer of person with disability headed by the President Mr. Jonathan for the help and support given to us. We really appreciate for the time that you allotted just to go with us for the visitation. We are hoping that together we continue to create vision!

You can see below some of the photos, wherein our Visionistas attended different meetings, seminars and workshops that greatly empowered them and making them ready for more task and responsibility to advance the project!


The following friends and individuals deserve our heartfelt gratitude, for the support they have given us.

May the Lord continue to richly bless these wonderful people, who shared with us a part of their generous hearts in any way they could.

    • Dr. Elaine and her Team
    • Ms. Maria Griesbacher


    • Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO)
      Mr. Helario B. Supaz graced our celebration by speaking to us about the rights of Persons with Disability and protection against bullying.
    • Care Channels Inc.
      Just like a real CHANNEL Care Channel Inc. connects us to Godly people. Thanks to the divine connection!
    • Save the Children Philippines
      Thanks to Save the Children Philippines funded by the European Union for partnering with us in carrying out three of the main activities we have this August. They are also part in empowering our visionistas by giving them opportunity to be presenters and program facilitators.
    • Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School
      The school always opens its doors for all our activities through the loving support of the School Head non- other than Ms. Marife R. Castillo the Principal.

We are truly blessed to have all of you with us!

Our Plans, Dreams and Needs!

Special thanks to Tita Joe an Marife for writing some of our stories.

A new and big space for Future Vision Hone is what we are dreaming. Our number is getting bigger and activities cannot contain our presently rented home. We also wished to have Index V5 Braille Embosser for our Home.

We plan to have the following:

    • Training for Teachers who are handling learners with Visual impairment.
    • Economic Empowerment Through Massage Training (EETMT v) a training for adult blind members to start a livelihood project (Massage Clinic)
    • Academic Subject training/enhancement particularly in Mathematics Science Technology and other practical Arts for the Blind.


We need volunteers to help read, transcribe and guide our members in some occasions/activities. Of course, we need your support in whatever way you can.

We ask for your help:

  • This is the opportunity for you to be part of our work.
  • Contribute to our cause. Let us together create vision and positively impact change in the lives of our sightless brothers and sisters.

We encourage everyone to be part of our cause in any way possible. Please see the details below.

For donations/contributions, please click this link: https://secure.givinghero.app/future-vision

For other online transactions, you may send through our GCASH, Paymaya and PayPal Accounts:

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For bank transfers, you can send to the following accounts:

          • Name of bank: Metrobank
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 Dedicated Bank Account:

          • Name of bank: Banco De Oro(BDO)
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Again, thank you for being with us and for being our partner in creating vision, thus impact change in the lives of our blind brothers and Sisters.

Requesting you all to please share this newsletter to your circle of friends and perhaps to companies whose mission is to help support our cause.

God bless us all!