Quarterly News Letter 2 - 2022

Visionful greetings to all once again. Welcome to our second quarter update.


This quarter has been very simple yet another fruitful period for all of us here at the Home.

Welcome Heaven!

(Hailie Heaven G. Gerolia)

In this period, we welcomed our new Visionista. Her name is Hailie Heaven G. Gerolia. Heaven is a seven-year-old girl originally from Bicol. Her parents works in Taguig, so they decided to look for a blind teacher near them. The mother posted her inquiry at the page of Philippine Blind Union (PBU) where Tita Jo read about it and thus began their communication. Heaven is transferred and joined the school at Future Vision Home Project at the same time enrolled at Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School as a transferee Grade 1 pupil.

Congratulations Visionista!

Another life is again changed because from nongraded Jean is able to pass the

Public Education Placement Test (PEPT.)

Visionista Music Program

Part of the Music, Arts and Sports Development plan of Future Vision Home, we continue with our Music Classes with Aldrian S. Hulgado a visionista also who commit himself to train his co/visionistas in music particularly in playing instruments. Thanks to Ms. Marife R. Castillo, the Principal of Eusebio C. Santos Elementary for allowing us to use the Guitar owned by the Special Education Program of the school.

Tita Jo of Future Vision Home Joins Kanthari Organization and Will Soon Open a New FVH School in Iloilo

kanthari is the place where the dreams and vision of Future Vision Sighted-Blind Inc. is nurtured before it is born on the 27th of March 2014. Now kanthari is once again an incubation space for a soon to be born Future Vision Sighted-Blind Inc in Iloilo Province. Josephine Esperanza Malan, or Tita Jo as we call her, joined Future Vision Home on April 2016. She is the aunt of JM, one of the visionistas. She started helping us and eventually did not notice the time and she reached six years staying with us not realizing her impact to the lives of the visionistas and to Future Vision Home. In March this year, the founder asked if she would consider applying to kanthari. she replied, “I will try it.” She goes on with the application and did not realize that she is already preparing documents, applying for visa and eventually traveling to the airport with all of us. Inspired and motivated by the work of Future Vision and hopeful of her nephew Tita Jo’s journey to kanthari in May 25 to start the same project in her province. Tita Jo is not leaving Future Vision Taguig but she is bringing with her in Iloilo the vision and mission of Future Vision to impact change also in the blind and visually impaired of her hometown.

Outdoor Fun and Learning Activity

Last May we had another Outdoor Fun and Learning Activity (OFLA.) This was a double purpose activity. Tita Josephine Esperanza Malan is going to kanthari in Kerala, India to join the Batch 2022 of kanthari. Early everybody prepared for the Airport and after which we proceeded to Manila Zoo to visit. For most, it is their first time to reach the place and it is also our first time to have an outdoor activity without Tita Josephine Esperanza assisting and guiding us all.

Congratulations, Graduates!

We ended this quarter with a success of our visionistas. Four of our visionistas graduated from Elementary school. We also have two who finished the school year with honor. One is Jake a Grade 5 pupil and Ryan who is a Senior High School Student. Our visionful congratulations to them and our best wishes in the coming level that they will be enrolled in.


Thank you.

Our Sincerest Gratitude!

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all the support the following organizations and individuals have given to our project. Without all of you given to us by God, we would barely move a step forward.

      • Kanthari Foundation SwitzerlandKanthari Switzerland Foundation is  supporting about 60% of our expenses for 6 months now. It is a great help, through them we have some amount for allowance of those people who help us carry out the project.
      • Ms. Maria Griesbacher – She is the first one from outside our country to offer some amount contribution for Future Vision Home. She is a friend of Kanthari Switzerland.
      • Missionaries of Charity – They are the guardian of Rejay that contributes food and etc at the same time they are also our prayer partner.
      • Melagie Goyala Glomar – Melagie is the mother of Heaven our new visionista from Bicol. She and her husband opted to give their contribution.
      • Cristy Villanueva – This lady is not known to us but she supports us every quarter with some amount too.
      • Ms. Marife R. Castillo (Principal-Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School) – she never stopped supporting students with blindness and low vision.

We are truly blessed to have all of you with us!

Our Plans, Dreams and Needs!

We envision, hope and pray that we can have a home which we need not rent, with a safe space, wherein our Visionistas/students/beneficiaries, along with our staff, to live in, to comfortably do our indoor activities, have a front and back yard where we can do outdoor activities, and yes, ample amenities for our visitors and benefactors – such as a parking space, have a hall where we can all congregate and with clean rest rooms too.

At Future Vision Home we never want to stop where we are. We want to keep moving and branch out, to continue reaching more blind children/youth in other areas. We would like to start with our Founder’s province where she spent most of her childhood, at Quezon Province.

For us to be able to this, we need a lot of resources and partners. Believe us when we say that we always struggle with resources. If not for the continued support of Kanthari Foundation Switzerland, the support from friends and Visionistas’ relatives/guardians, and the compensation the Founder receives as a school teacher, our operation would have ceased. We are understaffed, could barely afford their monthly salaries, could hardly even hire contractors to do jobs at the home, and much appreciation to those who volunteer to help our cause.

For Php 3,000.00 a day, our organization can provide decent accommodations for 20 individuals – this includes their living expenses, meals, utilities and other costs, as well us provide allowance to our volunteers.

We encourage everyone to be part of our cause in any way possible. Please see the details below.

For donations/contributions, please click this link: https://secure.givinghero.app/future-vision

For other online transactions, you may send through our GCASH, Paymaya and PayPal Accounts:

    • GCash Account:        09369253124
    • Paymaya Account:   09369253124
    • PayPal Account:       09423769646

For bank transfers, you can send to the following accounts:

          • Name of bank: Metrobank
          • Branch: Taguig Puregold Branch
          • Account name: FUTURE VISION SIGHTED-BLIND INC
          • Account number: 381-3-38158824-7
          • Address of bank: Metrobank Taguig Commercial Units 7 – 10 Puregold
          • Taguig Gen. A. Luna corner Col. P. Cruz St., Tuktukan, Taguig City
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6435023


Dedicated Bank Account:

          • Name of bank: Banco De Oro(BDO)
          • Branch: Levi Mariano Branch
          • Account name: Lorena J. Acula
          • Account number, 008070019536
          • Address of bank: BDO 160 Levi Mariano Avenue
          • Barangay Usuzan, Taguig City
          • 1637 Philippines
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6407862


For more information, please contact us at:
Tel. No. (+632) 8-567-8123
Mobile:  0942-376-9646 / 0906-267-3714

Or visit


Again, thank you for being with us and for being our partner in creating vision, thus impact change in the lives of our blind brothers and Sisters.

Requesting you all to please share this newsletter to your circle of friends and perhaps to companies whose mission is to help support our cause.

God bless us all!