Quarterly News Letter 1 - 2023

Visionful Greetings!

Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter. This quarter is filled with surprises for all of us and we have our first ever partner who will work with us. They are “Care Channels Inc. and of course This time we celebrated our 9th Year Anniversary as a group of likeminded individuals willing to go and expand to reach out even toother places.


Braille Day Celebration

Braille is a system which the blind uses to read and write. Braille Day is being celebrated on every 4th of January to honor its inventor, Louis Braille.

Now, as we welcome the new year, we have the first ever Braille Day celebration at the Future Vision Home. Our objective is to give major credit to the inventor of Braille and at the same time increase awareness in people about the importance of Braille in the lives of blind people. And at the same time, promote its use for blind people and show how it can help the fully sighted as well.

We have been visited by Mr. Larry Supaz, the Head of “Persons with Disability Affairs’ Office” and promised to include Braille Day in the yearly celebrations of their office. Care Channels Inc. also stayed with us. Speaking of CARE CHANNELS INC., they are Future Vision’s new partner. This is the product of the labor of love of Tita Josephine, who has searched for partners for our work. She came across Care Channels Inc. during the last leg of her training in kanthari. She has connected with them and happily they have become our partner. They will directly help us to provide Scholarship for our beneficiaries and livelihood help also. Our new partner is also able to offer other opportunities to assist the beneficiaries too, as well as connecting Future Vision to other people who are willing to share and support this project.

Local Council for the Protection of Children

Photos with Rene and Con. Marisse

On the other hand, in our struggle for inclusion, we continue to look for ways that we can penetrate the colleges of our city.

Thanks to Hon Balina – Eron a City Councilor. Marisse, has connected us to Professor Rene Lopos, who is the head of the Special Education Department of the City Government of Taguig. He has given us hope for our dream that we can be included in all the schools of Taguig City including the Taguig City University.

For almost three years because of the COVID 19 pandemic, sports events of the Department of Education have been cancelled. Now the pandemic is over, and schools can resume its operations in the normal face-to-face mode. With these, Sports Events we are given great opportunities. Our Visionistas are excited to participate in this event again. We have Visionistas joining the athletics and a team for Goalball too!

In our plight to inclusion, we continue to look for ways on how we can penetrate the colleges of our city. Thanks to Con. Marisse who connected us to Prof Rene Lopos who is the head of the Special Education Department of the City Government of Taguig. He has given us to hope for our dream to be included in all the schools of Taguig City.

9th Year Anniversary

Finally, it is our 9th Year Anniversary!

Firstly, we were wondering, how can we celebrate our 9th Year Anniversary here at Future Vision Home? Since we began, we did not have a yearly celebration because of funding issues. But as always, we tried hard, and we have liked this year!

We have just the right amount of funding for the celebration. One of the parents of a Visionista, give us a generous amount that was almost enough to pay the rent of the venue. Another parent spoke with the owner to reduce the rent. Big thanks!

Ms. Jane Alindayo a SPED Teacher in South Dakota USA gave some money for the prizes for our games too.

In total we have had 8,800 contributions. And that was enough to pay the rent, buy the prizes and other ingredients for spaghetti and lots of other foods too. These were contributed by the visionistas themselves, as well as supportive parents, guardians, and relatives of our visionistas. Also, our transport to and from the venue was provided. We had the Barangay to help us with the driver and so we could use Baraks. In the evening, the L300 Van of the Barangay is used to pick up the group from the venue.

We had a simple program prepared by our visionistas and after wards enjoyed swimming. For those who did not swim they were happy to sing together. To be exact, we had as many as fifty-one people attended and became part of the celebration and that includes the visionistas, parents/guardians, relatives, visitors and the three drivers of the barangay.

Picture of New things in the Home

In this portion we would like to acknowledge and recognize the valuable impact that kanthari Switzerland Foundation has done with Future Vision for almost two years. The kanthari Switzerland Foundation came to help us at the time when we were in the midst of pandemic.

Even though there was a pandemic, Future Vision was able to continue the project particularly the “School at Future Vision Home Project.’

We had additionally, thirteen new beneficiaries for the project. It means that, thirteen lives has changed and geared towards dream acquisition. Because of kanthari Switzerland Foundation we acquired a service tricycle which we call “Baraks” which can take us to our home visits and other activities.

Our Visionistas, have become empowered by this and it has made a significant impact on their lives every day. As an organization, Future Vision has been taken to higher heights, because of kanthari Switzerland Foundation and its generous support.

There are no words to express our huge gratitude to kanthari Foundation of Switzerland Foundation and all their donors. Hoping to be collaborating with you more in the future.


The following friends and individuals deserve our heartfelt gratitude, for the support they have given us.

May the Lord continue to richly bless these wonderful people, who shared with us a part of their generous hearts in any way they could.

      • Cristy Villanueva
      • Ms. Maria Griesbacher
      • Brother Geoff Smith
      • Katherine Arse
      • Rev. No Hwajin-Korean Missionary
      • Mirasol-Jessica’s mother
      • May Ann-Jessa’s Mother
      • Ms. Jane Alindayo-a SPED Teacher in the US-Ptr. No Hwajin
      • Ms. Marife R. Castillo-Principal Eusebio C. Santos Elementary School


      • Kanthari Switzerland Foundation
      • Persons with Different Abilities (PWDA) of Bambang
      • Save the Children
      • Care Channels Inc.
      • Barangay of Bambang and the Barangay Council

We are truly blessed to have all of you with us!

Our Plans, Dreams and Needs!

We are planning to expand our work so that we can reach more individuals. In terms of sustainability, we would also like to reopen The Visionistas Massage, which was closed because of the pandemic.

Dream Big!

And as these two powerful words suggest, we do DREAM of a BIG Home for the FUTURE VISION Home.

We need a lot of good space for our project, to house more blind and visually impaired people and to accommodate all our indoor activities.


What we need is your continuous support for our work. We need about 4,000 PHP, 73 in USD every day to continue the operation of the project. Please be our partners!

We ask for your help:

  • This is the opportunity for you to be part of our work.
  • Contribute to our cause. Let us together create vision and positively impact change in the lives of our sightless brothers and sisters.

We encourage everyone to be part of our cause in any way possible. Please see the details below.

For donations/contributions, please click this link: https://secure.givinghero.app/future-vision

For other online transactions, you may send through our GCASH, Paymaya and PayPal Accounts:

    • GCash Account:        09423769646
    • Paymaya Account:   09369253124
    • PayPal Account:       09423769646

For bank transfers, you can send to the following accounts:

          • Name of bank: Metrobank
          • Branch: Taguig Puregold Branch
          • Account name: FUTURE VISION SIGHTED-BLIND INC
          • Account number: 381-3-38158824-7
          • Address of bank: Metrobank Taguig Commercial Units 7 – 10 Puregold
          • Taguig Gen. A. Luna corner Col. P. Cruz St., Tuktukan, Taguig City
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6435023

 Dedicated Bank Account:

          • Name of bank: Banco De Oro(BDO)
          • Branch: Levi Mariano Branch
          • Account name: Lorena J. Acula
          • Account number, 008070019536
          • Address of bank: BDO 160 Levi Mariano Avenue
          • Barangay Usuzan, Taguig City
          • 1637 Philippines
          • Telephone number of Bank: +632-6407862

 For more information, please contact us at:
Tel. No. (+632) 8-567-8123
Mobile:  0942-376-9646 / 0906-267-3714

Or visit


Again, thank you for being with us and for being our partner in creating vision, thus impact change in the lives of our blind brothers and Sisters.

Requesting you all to please share this newsletter to your circle of friends and perhaps to companies whose mission is to help support our cause.

God bless us all!