Future Vision Home is the flagship project of Future Vision Sighted-Blind Inc.

FUTURE VISION SIGHTED-BLIND INC. is registered as a non-profit organization which is composed of blind and visually impaired members as well as parents/guardians. Its purpose is to give empowerment to the blind and/vision impaired of the country so as to make them contributors and not burdens to the society.

Our Mission
It is our mission to improve access to education by establishing a home that allows children and youth to attend the regular schools. A home that provides a supportive environment where blind and sighted children live, learn, and develop independence as well as social, communication and creative thinking skills. Obtaining these skills will significantly impact not only their life but also the world.
Our Vision
We envision a country in which blind and visually impaired as well as sighted youth are encouraged to live a life guided by their own vision regardless of their gender, beliefs, or disabilities.