Future Vision Home, Iloilo City


Future Vision Home, Iloilo City is a non-profit organization, its beneficiaries are blind and visually impaired children, youths, and adults ages from 5-25 years located at Iloilo City, Philippines. This organization is a branch project of Future Vision Sighted-Blind, Inc (FVSBI) founded by a blind teacher Lorena Acula in Taguig City, Philippines.

Future Vision Home, Iloilo City was conceived by Josephine Esperanza L. Malan from her experienced as a volunteer of FVSBI for six years and was motivated by her blind nephew who experienced bullying and discrimination while studying in Grade four at the age of nine but stopped because of this. For eleven years he stayed at home in seclusion with an unhappy life, and as well inspired by the founder of FVSBI to make a difference for the life of the blind persons. Because of the intervention of FVSBI he is now a successful and empowered blind youth which inspired to replicate the project in her hometown to make a difference in the life of blind persons.

The objectives of FVSBI is to empower its blind beneficiaries to access inclusive education, to navigate independently, and a contributor to society. To access inclusive education, they will undergo communication skills through braille literacy, orientation and mobility skills training for them to navigate safely around, and simple living skills such grooming, toileting, taking their own personal needs and preparing simple meals.

This project will be replicated to Iloilo City to address the needs of blind persons facing in their struggles to access inclusive education and societal discrimination.

Organization Head


Director’s Story:

Josephine Esperanza L. Malan,
58 years old, Single. I came from an ordinary family and my father engage in construction business. I am the only girl among 5 siblings.

I was the only one privileged to study in college for my elders’ brothers only took vocational courses so that they can already help in our family. I took up Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering which I got my inspiration from my father to follow his footstep. In September 1986, my last month of my 5th year in college my father passed away because of diabetic stroke. My life seems also goes with him for the fact that I can no longer enroll for my last semester.

I felt hopeless and my dreams to enrich my family life crumble. I felt so pitiful at that time for I can’t think of a way to continue my study. I emerge myself to volunteer at our parish with a meager allowance. During this stage I was blessed for an organization in our parish offered me to study and during my free time to work with them. In short, I was able to enroll but sad to say I unable to finish for still lack of financial needs for my daily existence and as well helping our family needs. The former employer of my father learned about our difficulty. He offered me a job as a Sanitary Inspector in one of the provinces in my hometown. I worked for almost 2 years and saved for my studies. I finished my last semester after 3 years of struggling but unfortunately, I was not able to take my board exam for we can’t afford it.  I was offered again to work in a hospital as a secretary of the chief of staff of the hospital, I just grab this opportunity for it will greatly help my family. Worked  there for 7 years  and eventually I resigned for my mother got a serious illness that I need to attend to her.

While staying at home taking care of my mother, my younger  brother suggest that we open a catering service, modesty aside our family is good at cooking. We cater lunch for 2 big companies and were able to survive. After 3 years of my mother fighting for her illness she passed away that left me alone for all my 4 brothers had their own family. I go on with my life together with my nephew, Ken Anthony, son of my elder brother.  The challenges I encountered was my inspiration to make our life better as my promise to our parents. I worked hard to and helped my brother’s family to experience a better life after our struggle for many years. I worked a total of 32 years and was able to save and renovate our ancestral house and I could not ask more from God for He has done a lot  for me and as well my family.

In December 29, 2015 I came here in Taguig City to spend New Year and have a vacation as well with one of my brother already living in Metro Manila.  Upon my arrival here I experienced a great shocked learning I have a blind nephew. I was so devastated seeing him and felt pity for him. Alas, I learned that he was not pitiful  but rather empower by the help of a lady, Lorena Acula the project initiator of Future Vision Sighted-Blind, Inc.

I learned from my brother how Future Vision molded and helped my nephew cope up with his blindness, I was made aware of the holistic approached Future Vision is doing for the Visually Impaired in Taguig City. Got very interested and soon visited Future Vision Home where my nephew got this rare opportunity. Saw and met Loren as they call her. Stayed in her very small home and assisted them in their activities. In 2016, Ms. Loren urged me to join the 3 Days South East Asia Pacific Conference of Blind Association as a Volunteer Staff for the conference. Here, I meet a lot of affluent blind persons that made me also be aware that Blindness is not a hindrance for the success of an individual. I learned a lot from this conference and especially how to communicate with blind people and how to help them with their faculties. I didn’t realize that I am already enjoying the work and until such time that I did not think of going back to my home town and eventually decided to resign from my work there. As I go along working hand and hand with Loren, I was motivated to help them out as our way of expressing our gratitude to Future Vision especially to the life of my nephew JHON MICHAEL MALAN. From Grade 4 he was able to finish his studies from elementary to Senior High within a span of 6 years. Thus, I dream to bring Future Vision to our hometown together with my nephew.

The first and I think the biggest step I have taken to get this project started is by accepting the challenge of joining the leadership training of Kanthari. I become contented of helping and supporting Future Vision Home started by Lorena Acula and I am happy with what I am doing. But something motivated me in the inside, so I decided to take this step. From the knowledge I learned about Kanthari from Lorena, I think this is the answer to my dream project to equipped me with the knowledge and skills I lack of managing a project.

With the journey I had in my life, the challenges, struggles and trials, it make me a responsible person and I can say that I can take and face challenges along the way as my dream project will come into reality. With my dream project, I can foresee that this will bring a great change in their life in the sense that they will be aware that in spite of their blindness they still can be a contributor to their society and especially they can exercise their rights to education and enhance their capabilities.


Strategic Planning/Budgeting for Budget Proposals to Local Government Unit

Facilitating Team Building of Persons With Disabilities Leaders of Taguig


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