My name is Lorena Acula and I am the founder of Future Vision Sighted Blind Inc. 
The goal of my organization is to empower blind children and adults who belong to a low-income family in a safe and supportive homely learning environment. We provide the necessary skills and prepare them so they can integrate themselves, not only in schools but also in the community and at the same time become contributors to our society.


The Covid19 Pandemic forced us to rethink our approach and we adapted our program accordingly to create the best possible solution.

For now we will focus on 2 programs:


1. The School at the Home Project wherein stay-in beneficiaries will have their daily lessons. And
2. Teaching at Home project. In this project, Future Vision will go to the house of the beneficiaries to do the lessons right at their residence. Of course, all COVID-19 related safety requirements will be adhered to.


To be able to do the work we do we need support. We are grateful if you can help us.
You can make a donation HERE